Official Press Release 

BBC News 

1/10/2017 11:20 a.m.

          It is of utmost importance to the BBC to inform to the whole international community, that sights of the North Korean H-Bomb of 150 kt (equivalent to 10 Hiroshima Bombs) have been confirmed landing in Daegu, South Korea; leaving an approximate of 494,000 deaths and 870,300 injured, and in Kyoto, Japan; leaving 273,580 deaths and 567,490 injured. As well, not only this H-Bomb has been deployed. In addition, another H-Bomb was sent in direction of California, United States, and was intercepted by the U.S anti-ballistic system. The big amounts of the radiation left by the intercepted H-Bomb have landed in the island of Hawaii, affecting various amounts of civilians for which the U.S Government has to respond for. It has been stated that the designers of these bombs are provident from India, reason why it is suspected that India and the DPRK have technological connections that represent a threat to the international community.

         The aftermath of this event has included countries such as Australia, which have stated through the troops of the first brigade that they are “ready for North Korea”. As well, countries members of the NATO such as France, United Kingdom and Germany have approved the mobilization of NATO troops towards North Korea including, airships, soldiers and war vessels.

           The United States of America have demanded a demonstration of international unity and loyalty in the form of a number of troops from each of its allied countries. Colombia refuses since it’s peace policy does not support an engagement in violence. USA threatens to cut funding for the development of the Colombian post-conflict if Colombia does not collaborate.

            It has been known that the anti-missiles program and system has been directed by Artificial Intelligence that has programmed the system to nuke Pyongyang. The problem is catalyzed as there are refugees waiting in Pyongyang to migrate to China, as China has closed his borders, where its President, Xi Jinping, stated that, “We will not help the refugees in view of avoiding problems with DPRK and the international community”.  

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  28. Boko Haram
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